Guide to Forge of Empires

If our tables and charts of costs and bonuses of Great Buildings in Forge of Empires are not enough for You, check the list below.
This is some place on the Internet, where You will find guides and other information helpful in the Forge of Empires game.

If you know any other noteworthy guides, let us know at in and we will add them to this list.
FoEhints on Youtube
Since June 2016 this channel provides tips, tricks and hints for the free to play browser game Forge of Empires developed by InnoGames.
Topics: Tips for the game, hints for the ingame quests, news about changes and reports about successful players and guilds.

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Official Wiki
The official Forge of Empires Wiki is the best place to start looking for tips and explanations about how the game works. It is a kind of instruction for the game. It is worth reading because it may turn out that we have been playing for some time and we do not know about certain rules or functionalities that will prove to be helpful.

Main page of Wiki

Popular topics:
  • Basics - the aim of the game and its basic assumptions
  • The Universe - resources, characters, world map
  • Guilds - guild administration, permissions, levels and bonuses
  • Interface - description of individual elements of the game window in the browser and mobile application
  • PvP Tournaments - precondition and rewards
  • Events and Questlines - description of events and quest lines that have already ended
  • Guild Expeditions - rules, fighting, negotiations, relics
  • Guild vs Guild - rules and terminology
  • Special Building List - information on the production of individual event buildings depending on the era
  • Units_List - statistics on individual units with a detailed description
  • Expansions - the number of expansions available per era and their costs

Basic tips:
  • Always plan ahead
  • Remember to use your Forge Points before your Forge Point bar is full
  • Make sure to start producing boosted goods as early as you can
  • Use your boosted goods to trade on the market for goods you don't produce
  • Use the space in your city as efficiently as you can
  • Get all the expansions you can – they never expire and are essential for development
  • Do not forget the daily bonus from your town hall
  • Always pay attention to the level of happiness
  • Visit the cities of other players and motivate or polish their buildings if you need to get coins fast
  • In battle: infiltrate! Look at the enemy's set up and employ counter units, use terrain advantages and attack a unit with several units!
  • You can find small incidents in your city and the surrounding land, coast and sea.
Unofficial Wiki - Fandom
The unofficial Forge of Empires Wiki is the huge base of information about game createt by fans.