FOE - Bonuses

Bonus from FOE Great Buildings are the best way to accelerate the development and increase the city's efficiency in both economic and military aspects. The Great Buildings give bonuses like normal buildings in the game, for example, gold, supplies, goods, population, contentment or army. They also have bonuses similar to the bonuses of event buildings, such as a gold and supply bonus, a bonus to the strength of troops, production of Forge Points, etc.

However, some bonus of Great Buildings are only available in them, such as critical hit, destroying enemy units at the beginning of the battle, increasing rewards from the support of Great Buildings and much more. The biggest advantage of Great Buildings is the possibility of increasing the bonus while maintaining the space occupied by the Great Building.


Advanced Tactics

Attacking and defending units have their attack and defense values boosted by a percentage.
Terracotta Army Saturn VI Gate HYDRA

Aid Blueprints

Increased chance of finding a blueprint when aiding another player.
Rain Forest Project

Aid Goods

The first number of times you aid a building you get a random good from that building's age.
Trust Tower

Algorithmic Core

Boosts the first special good collections from productions after reaching Arctic Future. Boosts supplies in earlier eras instead.
AI Core

Coin boost

The first number of collected Coins productions are boosted by a percentage.
St. Mark's Basilica

Contribution Boost

Contribution Rewards are increased by a percentage.
The Arc

Critical Hit

Gives a chance to deal 150% damage against units of the same age.
Arctic Orangery

Diplomatic Gifts

The first number of victorious negotiations have a chance of providing you with a random reward.
Space Carrier

Double Collection

For the first number of buildings collected, there is a chance the resources collected are doubled. Excludes military and great buildings.
The Blue Galaxy

Fierce resistance

Defending units have their attack and defense values boosted by a percentage.
Saint Basil's Cathedral Deal Castle Saturn VI Gate PEGASUS

First Strike

For the first number of battles, there is a chance to kill one enemy unit at the start of battle. For two-wave battles, the skill applies only to the first wave.
The Kraken

Good production

Produces random goods from the players age every 24 hours. From Modern Era onwards produces twice as many unrefined goods instead.
Tower of Babel Lighthouse of Alexandria St. Mark's Basilica Frauenkirche of Dresden Royal Albert Hall Rain Forest Project Atlantis Museum Galata Tower

Previous Era Goods

Produces random goods from the players previous age.
Star Gazer Saturn VI Gate CENTAURUS

Guild Goods

Produces some of each current good for the guild's treasury. Can only be collected when in a guild.
Observatory Atomium The Arc AI Core Saturn VI Gate HYDRA

Helping Hands

Adds a chance of getting something extra by aiding other players.
Seed Vault

Military boost

Attacking units have their attack and defense values boosted by a percentage.
Statue of Zeus Cathedral of Aachen Castel del Monte Saturn VI Gate CENTAURUS

Missile launch

For the first few battles there is a chance of killing half the enemy units at the start of the battle.
The Virgo Project

Mysterious Shards

A chance of spawning a Shard reward in the active Cultural Settlement.
Flying Island

Orbital Transfer

Produces special resources every 24 hours after reaching Arctic Future. The chances and types of special resources vary in the eras after Arctic Future. Produces medals in previous eras.
Space Carrier

Penal Unit

Produces unattached units of a military building in the player's city every 24 hours. The time can be reduced by the Guild Recruitment Boost.

Plunder and Pillage

Adds a chance of doubling plundered resources.
Atlantis Museum

Plunder Goods

The first number of times you plunder a building you get a random good from that building's age.
Voyager V1

Plunder repel

Give a chance to repel plunder.
Galata Tower

Quest Reward Boost

When you get coins, supplies, goods, diamonds or medals as rewards from quests, you receive an additional percentage on top.
Château Frontenac

Relic Hunt

A chance for spawning a hidden Relic reward on the Guild Expedition Map after solving an encounter.
Temple of Relics

Spoils of war

Gives you a chance to get a random reward after the first few successful battles.
Himeji Castle

Supply boost

The first number of collected Supplies productions are boosted by a percentage.
Lighthouse of Alexandria Royal Albert Hall

Support Pool Bonus

Guild gains an amount to their support pool.