Construction costs and bonuses of the FOE Great Buildings is a fan website containing a lot of useful information about the Forge of Empires game. You will find the construction costs of Great Buildings with rewards including the Arc bonus, the number of FP to block the first place, the total cost of the owner, bonuses and much more. And all this in a clear and simple form.

The most popular Great Buildings

Great Buildings are special buildings inspired by most popular buildings in the World You can be built Great Buildings to provide powerful benefits toYour city in Forge of Empires game. Himeji Castle Arctic Orangery The Arc Cape Canaveral Alcatraz Castel del Monte
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The most popular Bonuses

Bonus from FOE Great Buildings are the best way to accelerate the development and increase the city's efficiency in both economic and military aspects. Contribution Boost Good production Military boost Penal Unit Plunder and Pillage Research
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