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Cookie files

So cookies are text files sent by the server and saved on the part of the User (usually on the hard drive of the computer). It stores various information used by the website. Thanks to these files, when you refresh the page, or change to another subpage of a given site, the site will know that it is still you and eg will not log you out :) Different sites can save different information in cookies and use for different purposes. Below you will find information on what is most often used and what information is stored in them :)

What do you need?

Google Analytics

Google Analitycs, is a service that allows you to run statistics of visits to the site. Thanks to it, you know how many users visit the website, as well as which subpages are visited the most often and the least frequently. The first time you enter the website, the server will save a small cookie on your computer, thanks to which your transition to another subpage will not increase the number of visits :) Thanks to this information, the creators of websites can constantly improve them and adapt to the expectations of users :) More information about the Google service You can find Analytics on the Google website.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising, such as Google Ads, is a service that displays ads on the site. Google Ads may store cookies with you so that your ads will be more relevant to the content of the page and what you're looking for. You can find more information about Google Analytics on the Google website.
There are also other companies that offer contextual advertising and can save cookies for you in order to better match your advertising content.

Advertising is something that usually bothers us on the Internet, especially as it is a huge pop-up window: / Nevertheless, it is thanks to cookies that such a pop-up advertisement will show us only the first time we visit the site, and not after each transition to another subpage :)

Cookie message cookie

Here we fall into a paradox a bit, if I'm not paranoid, but what the Union does say (punish), we have to apply the rules. This page saves a cookie on your computer when you hide the cookie message so that it will remember that you will not be able to see more cookies on the page :)


If you do not want the website to save you cookies, you can set it in the privacy settings of your browser. Remember, however, that without the cookies enabled, the website may not work properly, or it may be difficult to use it.